Why HOD does not allow Motorcycle (M rated) helmets at our events.
Disclaimer: As founder of HOD, this is a very important subject so we’re posting this on
our website. We require SA certified helmets – the sticker is inside the shell of the
helmet in the back. At this writing in April of 2023, we accept SA 2015 and newer
helmets. We generally allow the certifications to be up to 10 years in the past, but
double check this with HOD if your helmet is older. This write up is for the layman,
written by me, a layman, based on explanations I’ve heard from several experts on why
motorcycle helmets are not suitable for automotive motorsports. Hopefully my
vocabulary and common sense explanation will be adequate. For a detailed technical
explanation, go to: https://smf.org/
While they may look alike, the key differences between M helmets and SA helmets are
(almost everything):

  1. The makeup of the outer shell – The M helmet shell is made for one big impact
    on the pavement. The SA helmet shell is made for multiple, less damaging
    impacts – that could happen in a rollover.
  2. The fabric used in the lining – The M helmet lining generally is not fireproof, as
    fire is extremely rarely an issue in a motorcycle incident.
  3. The airflow through the helmet or lack thereof – The M helmet frequently has
    flow-through vents to cool the head. The SA helmet does not want fire to have a
    path within the interior of the helmet.
  4. Focus on weight reduction – M helmets are made without a high priority on
    weight reduction, especially with their heavy shells. Weight on the driver’s head
    in a car impact can create a “pendulum” effect, making the forward and/or
    rearward movement of the head more violent – enhancing the danger of
  5. Advisory: Buyers of SA helmets should check for inclusion of the pre-installed
    head restraint terminals. These are not technically required, but without these, a
    driver would need to purchase a helmet with them installed in order to use a
    head and neck restraint system, which is required by HOD for any
    driver/passenger with 4-6 point harnesses in their car

Here’s to safe motorcycle riding and safe performance driving with the proper helmets!!

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