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GrandSport Speedway

10-09-2021 GrandSport Speedway - Houston, Texas - Track Day

Saturday - October 9, 2021

Welcome to Hooked On Driving Track Days!  After 16 years of quality race track events around the United States, HOD is excited to offer High Performance Driver Education programs at Grandsport Speedway - Houston, Texas - with a focus on you, the driver, having fun and improving your high performance driving skills. No matter what your level of experience is from a first time track day person to an advance race track driver we have a place for you. Our High Performance Driver Education is unmatched!

Enjoy plenty of exclusive time on the race track,  a catered lunch and time get to know new friends at the HOD motorsports community without the crowds, and the overy aggressive drivers,.

  • - A - Novice is for drivers with little or no track experience and drivers who are wanting instruction and guidance.

  • - B - Novice Solo is for novice drivers who have completed the novice course on track but would still like some assistance.

  • - C - Intermediate driving skills after a progression and sign off through Novice and Novice Solo

  • - D - Advanced is for those who have advanced track driving skills and will operate in a more open environment on track. 

8AM Start time for all groups!  Please be on time.  Schedule to be sent out a few days before the event

Please take a moment to read through the guidelines GrandSport Speedway has in place for your track day. 
*You will be required to sign a liability waiver at the facilities main gate. .
*Lunches will be provided, as boxed take away lunches to take back to your paddock space.

*There is no seating or buildings at GrandSport Speedway however there are sun shades for your use for a small charge and can be rented below.

Click on this link to see important policies from HOD.

Car prep for Novices

Please arrive at the race track with a full tank of fuel and proper tire pressures.  Make sure to remove all personal items from your vehicle and leave them at home. For safety and your own enjoyment it’s important the car is free and clear from clutter or any loose artifacts. 

Please inflate your tires to 2lbs over the automotive manufacture recommendation for your vehicle.  Generally this is around 38lbs.

GrandSport Speedway does not allow overnight parking or camping in the paddock.
Gates open at 7:00 am. Drivers meeting at 8am sharp!

Check out your account on the website, and make sure your e-signature tech sheet is up to date. The page will show if you need to get the forms signed, or if they are already completed.

Helmets must have a current HOD sticker. If not, please bring your helmet to check-in for inspection and a sticker. Helmets must be SA2010or newer, no M helmets please. Note: 2005 SA helmets have expired!

We will have some helmets available to rent. $30 per day.

If you are using a 5 or 6 point harness, you must have an approved HANS device.

No alcohol to be consumed anywhere on track property before the final checkered flag.

For information, contact by email or Phone 1-888-572-7223

The following track ready rental cars are available for $1000 per day for Novice only.

NOTE: Don't worry about too much sun or a little rain.  Don't throw that Easy-up in your trunk to just have it blow away at the track.   Covered parking spaces are available as an option for $25.

Helmet Rental -

Welcome to HOD!


10-09-2021 GrandSport Speedway - Houston, Texas - Track Day - 10-09-2021
A - Novice - $350.00 - AVAILABLE
B - Intermediate - $225.00 - AVAILABLE
C - Advanced - $225.00 - AVAILABLE
X - Staff/Coach - AVAILABLE

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