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Thunderhill Raceway

Coach Registration 4/1/2016 Thunderhill 3

Friday - April 1, 2016

NOTE: You must be an employee to coach with Norcal HOD. This simple, one-time process can be done at an event BUT YOU MUST HAVE THE PROPER PAPERWORK and ID. Please email Teri Barrett at: for details.

NOTE: Please understand that we may not need all coaches who register. If there is not a spot for you, you will be notified before the event and any track time you paid for will be refunded or credited.

TRACK TIME EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT: Please take advantage of the significant employee discount on track time. At most events there is plenty of time for this, but supporting the event must be your first priority. If you make your best attempt at using your purchased track time but event duties prevent it you will be credited or refunded.
NOTE: We may not be able to sustain this deep a discount forever!
1/2 Day Employee Driving Discount = $50 (about 50 minutes (2-3 sessions)
Full Day Employee Driving Discount = $100 (about 100 minutes (about 5 sessions)

If you are willing and able to give demo rides or do lead/follow coaching in your own car let us know by checking that option during registration. Mileage will be paid. This is not part of your purchased track time.

Coach Registration 4/1/2016 Thunderhill 3 - 04-01-2016
Coach or Staff, no Track Time - AVAILABLE
Coach or Staff, 1/2 Day Track Time ($50 Fee) - $50.00 - AVAILABLE
Coach or Staff, Full Day Track Time ($100 Fee) - $100.00 - AVAILABLE

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