Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock June 5 and 6 2020. NO SOUND RESTRICTION WEEKEND

Friday - June 5, 2020 / Saturday - June 6, 2020

LIMEROCK UNMUFFLED Fri-Sat Weekend!!!!!!

Come out for one of the few weekends a year when the low dB NOISE RESTRICTION IS NOT IN EFFECT.
Lime Rock.  Weekend.  Unmuffled.  Need we say more?
D (unrestricted) group candidates: D group is completely unrestricted and is by invitation only. Please email with your experience and driving resume for approval prior to registration.
Gates open at 7am
Check in/Registration starts at 7:15
All Hands Drivers meeting 8:30 outside the tower
Track goes hot at 9am.
Lunch will be served mid-day from 11:30am-1:30pm. The track will be hot for the entire day!!! We will not be shutting down for lunch.
This a solo driver only event. (A novice group may be announced at a later date)
Registration is for the whole weekend only.  Please email with any questions.
Early pricing end Feb 1 2020


Lime Rock June 5 and 6 2020. NO SOUND RESTRICTION WEEKEND - 06-05-2020
Group B (Solo Intermediate) - $799.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C (Solo Advanced) - $799.00 - AVAILABLE
Group D (Unrestricted) - $799.00 - AVAILABLE
Discounted Coach Price - AVAILABLE
Staff/Group Leaders - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!

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