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Lime Rock Park

Lime Rock Unmuffled 2018 Friday/Saturday June 8th and 9th

Friday - June 8, 2018 / Saturday - June 9, 2018

Online Registration has closed. 
Group A is sold out for Saturday.
There is limited availability in our solo groups for Saturday for walk ups.  Prefrence will be given to 2 day registrations. Please Email Mona@hookedondriving.com prior to arriving if you intend on registering at the track in the morning.


Important Times:
6:00pm - Drop off Thursday night (Gates open all night)
7:15am to 8:20am – Registration, helmet rentals after the 8:30 drivers meeting
8:10am - Coaches Meeting 
8:30am - Mandatory Drivers Meeting
9:00am - First cars on track (Taste of the Track)
Lime Rock Park: June 8-9, 2018
Time A B C D
9:00 AM Class @ 8:50 Taste of the Track (Class at 8:30am)
9:20 AM On Track      
9:55 AM   On Track    
10:25 AM     On Track  
10:55 AM Class   Download On Track
11:25 AM   On Track   Download
11:55 AM On Track      
12:25 PM   Class On Track  
12:55 PM Class Grid Lineup   On Track
1:25 PM   PassEx    
1:45 PM On Track Download    
2:15 PM Class   On Track  
2:45 PM       On Track
3:15 PM   On Track    
3:45 PM On Track Class    
4:10 PM     On Track  
4:40 PM       On Track
5:10 PM   On Track    
5:35 PM     On Track On Track


HOOKED ON DRIVING welcomes eEuroparts to LRP during the unicorn of LRP dates, an unmuffled weekend of fun and sound..

Come out for one of the few days a year when the 84db NOISE RESTRICTION IS NOT IN EFFECT.

Lime Rock.  Weekend.  Unmuffled.  Need we say more?

D (unrestricted) group candidates: D group is completely unrestricted and is by invitation only. Please email chrisl@hookedondriving.com with your experience and driving resume for approval.

Gates open at 7am
Check in/Registration starts at 7:15
Coaches meeting at 8:10am in the classroom
All Hands Drivers meeting 8:30 outside the tower

Track goes hot at 9am.

Lunch will be served mid-day from 11:30am-1:30pm.  The track will be hot for the entire day!!! We will not be shutting down for lunch.





Coaches - SOLD OUT!
Group A-Beginner/ Novice (Includes Coach) - SOLD OUT!
Group B with 1/2 day intermediate coaching - SOLD OUT!
Group B-Intermediate Solo - SOLD OUT!
Group C-Advanced Solo - SOLD OUT!
Group D- Unrestricted - SOLD OUT!

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