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Oregon Raceway Park

ORP Saturday and Sunday, July 27th and 28th

Saturday - July 27, 2019 / Sunday - July 28, 2019

$50 discount when you register for both days!

Join the Hooked On Driving, PacNW team as we return to ORP in 2019
A full HPDE event in the HOD 3 run group format. This will be a fun event with plenty of track time for all. A great opportunity to crank out some real consistent laps.
And we buy you breakfast and lunch with your registration. Should you need a lunch for a non-registered guest, you can purchase an additional lunch.
This is a fully coached HPDE event with groups from Beginner to Advanced. Come out and have a great time sharing the track with like minded individuals.
Annual family membership/username in Team HOD is required. Membership can be shared by a household, including offspring up to 25 years of age who are still living at home.
A-Novice with One-on-One Coach is intended for drivers where this would be their first or second time on track and they are new to Hooked on Driving.
A-Solo is intended for drivers who have completed the A-Novice program and have been signed off for Solo, having several track events under their belt. Coaching is still available and dedicated here but on a ratio of 3 drivers per coach throughout the day. 
The tentative schedule is: 
Gates Open 7:00am
Driver Meeting at 8:15 AM
First car out at 9:00AM
Lunch Break 12 to 1
Last car off at 5:00pm 
We will be running the track in both directions (just not at the same time nor the same day). Saturday will be run in the clockwise direction and Sunday will be run in the counter-clockwise direction.
Friday and Saturday night dry camping will be available at the track. The gate will be open until around 10pm Friday and Saturday.
Snell SA2010 or newer helmets are required. Motorcycle or ‘M’ Snell certification helmets are NOT allowed. If you do not have a qualified helmet then you can rent one at check-in the day of the event for $25.
Numbers will be required at this event. If you need numbers, vinyl numbers will be available for $5.00 purchase.
As of 1/1/19, HOD nationally, will require FIA or SFI certified Head and Neck Restraints for any drivers and/or passengers in cars equipped with 5 or 6 -point harnesses during an HOD event.
Currently, approved head and neck restraint systems are:
·  NecksGen
·  Simpson Hybrid S
·  Schroth SHR Flex
·  Z Neck Tech (Zamp)
HOD will not require or prohibit the use of these systems with 4-point harnesses, and notes that the Schroth ASM 4-point system is the only one certified as proven to provide anti-submarining protection. Further, the Simpson Hybrid S is currently the only system that has been certified to provide restraint functions with 3-point, 4-point, as well as 5 or 6-point systems.
There will be a one event grace period for those who did not get this notice.
Driving a Convertible? CLICK HERE to review the HOD policy on convertibles. 


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7-27-19 ORP Saturday July 27th - 07-27-2019
A-Beginner + tuition (includes coach) - $415.00 - AVAILABLE
A-Solo (solo qualified at ORP) - $365.00 - AVAILABLE
B-Intermediate - $315.00 - AVAILABLE
C-Advanced Point By - $315.00 - AVAILABLE
X-Coaches and Staff - AVAILABLE

7-28-19 ORP Sunday July 28th - 07-28-2019
A-Beginner + tuition (includes coach) - $415.00 - AVAILABLE
A-Solo (solo qualified at ORP) - $365.00 - AVAILABLE
B-Intermediate - $315.00 - AVAILABLE
C-Advanced Point By - $315.00 - AVAILABLE
X-Coaches and Staff - AVAILABLE

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