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Watkins Glen International

WGI Post Nascar Full Course Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday - August 11, 2021 / Thursday - August 12, 2021

Please use the following link to register any person attending with you.


As of now there has been no relaxation on any restrictions.  No one under the age of 18 will be allowed through the gate.  

Please click the event detail link at the top of the page to review the full guidlines given by WGI.  We want everyone to be informed of what is excpected by WGI for all events.  


Our Yearly Summer Glen Fun has been rescheduled this year to Wednesday and Thursday August 11th and 12th.

Joining us this year will be BMW CCA hosting a Club Race School.

We will be running only 2 HPDE run groups in order to give you lots of track time, Intermediate and Advanced. The Groups will be a limited to 12 and 15 cars per mile, so no over crowding and lots of space to stretch your cars legs.

There will not be a novice group.

We will have a few coaches on hand for the intermediate solo drivers that may need some guidance learning WGI.  Please contact if you are unsure about what run group you would fall in to.
As a bonus, anyone that would like to attend the NASCAR Race Aug 5-7th please let us know.  We have arranged for a limited number of reserved grandstand tickets and an area to store your trailers till our event after the race, all included!!  
See the race, spend two days at the lake or maybe a winery, and then hit the track.
Please Email with any questions.
Overnight access and camping is included for the event.
  • - 6:00 pm – Gate opens on Tuesday
  • - 6:45 am – 7:45 am – Check-in/registration
    Mandatory Drivers meeting at 7:50 am. Group Leader meetings start at 8 am.
  • - 8:30 am – First cars on track. See the tentative schedule below.

Tentative Schedule:


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Track walk is scheduled for Wedneaday evening after the track goes cold.

Lunch is served from 11:30 am-1:30 pm (included for registered drivers. Track is cold from 12 pm -1 pm))

Fuel is available trackside from 8:00-11:30 am, and 12:00 -3:30 pm
93 Octane Unleaded (up to 10% Ethanol)
101 Octane Unleaded (up to 10% Ethanol)
112 Octane Leaded (Ethanol-free)

We will be following all state and CDC Covid-19 guidelines given to us by the track, including face coverings while in public gatherings.
All discounts expire July 16thth, 2021 
$25 multiday discount will show in the cart.
Please Email to be placed on a waitlist for any sold-out run group.

WGI GARAGE Aug 2021 - 08-11-2021
2 DAY Garage Request - $80.00 - AVAILABLE

WGI Post Nascar Aug 11 2021 Full Course WEDNESDAY REGISTRATION - 08-11-2021
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced Solo - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Staff / Group Leaders - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!
Coaches - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!
Discounted Coach Day (No Student) - $199.00 - SOLD OUT!

WGI Post Nascar Aug 12 2021 Full Course THURSDAY REGISTRATION - 08-12-2021
Group B Intermediate (Solo) - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Group C Advanced Solo - $345.00 - AVAILABLE
Staff / Group Leaders - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!
Coaches - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!
Discounted Coach Day (No Student) - $199.00 - SOLD OUT!

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