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The Ridge Motorsports Park

3.22.19 HOD Coach and MSF Level II Certification Course

Friday - March 22, 2019

This course is for high performance driving coaches only.
Hooked on Driving (HOD) Coach and Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) Level II Certification course. HOD will be running this course at Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton Washington on Friday, March 22, 2019. We have spent a lot of time and energy developing the course which will include both classroom instruction and on-track exercises. You will learn different methods of diagnosing problems, solving those problems, and how to help your drivers improve their skills and increase their confidence. 
We will be meeting in Shelton at the track 6pm the evening of the 21st for classroom curriculum - more details to come. Friday the 22nd will include driving so all should come prepared with track ready cars.
Program starts promptly at 8am March 22nd.
Program ends at 5pm
Lunch is included on Friday the 22nd, dinner on Thusday the 21st
Registration fee is $250
Note that you must have completed the MSF Level I Certification course prior to attending this Level II certification event. To complete the Level I Certification course, go to
Please email your MSF Level I Certificate when completed to Jon Hart at
If you want to learn some additional history and goals about MSF, Ross Bentley had a conversation with one of the founders, Scot Elkins on one of his podcasts.
If you are part of the mechanism of this clinic and you should know who you are, or if you already have your MSF Level 2 certification, feel free to register as staff. If you are chasing your MSF Level II certification, please register for the Coach Certification run group.
We are trying to offer a significant amount of drive time during this clinic and hope to have an open session at the conclusioon of the day.
Email your questions to HOD Head Coach, Jon Hart, at

Coach Certification - $250.00 - AVAILABLE
Coach and Staff - AVAILABLE

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