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Sonoma Raceway

7.24.20 Replacing 6.18.20 Sonoma Raceway Driving Event and Garage Rentals

Friday - July 24, 2020

We look forward to our events with you – and please know we will focus on safety in the COVID-19 era so the events will look a bit different, but the tracks won’t!!  Click HERE to see the HOD event guidelines in the Covid-19 era to assure the safety of all participants.
HOD is committed to the health and well-being of our drivers and our staff. In compliance with the current COVID-19 shelter in-place health directives, this event has been rescheduled from Thursday, June 18, to Friday, July 24.

For questions, please contact Teri Barrett at
NOTE: This is a 4 run group event (3 HOD run groups and 1 private run group).

May at Sonoma Raceway - the perfect time to get away and drive this amazing track.
HOD loves Sonoma Raceway!  This iconic track is a challenge to driver and car. It is said that if you can drive Sonoma Raceway well, you are ready for any track in North America!

HOD operates carefully managed events at Sonoma for intermediate and advanced drivers only. If you have yet to be sure of your qualifications to drive with HOD at Sonoma, email us at and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We will provide orientation laps and safety orientation to experienced drivers who are new to Sonoma.

NOTE: There is no coaching or instruction of any kind at HOD events at Sonoma Raceway, by HOD staff or by anyone else.
The event logistics message will be emailed to participants and posted to this webpage a week before the event. Any changes to the information below will be noted in the logistics message.
Annual family membership/username in Team HOD is required. Membership can be shared by a household, including offspring up to 25 years of age still living at home. 

6" numbers are required on both sides of the car. You may purchase the next available number for $5 from HOD during registration or at the event.

Helmet rentals are available in a variety of sizes.

Vehicles and trailers may be dropped in Lot 2 only after 6pm the night before the event. Note that there is NO overnight parking in the paddock or garages.
Long pants are required for all drivers, passengers, and HOD Staff.
  • - Gate opens at 6:30am
  • - Check in starts at 6:45am in the John Cardinale Media Center
  • - Mandatory driver meetings start at 7:30am
  • - First cars are on track at 8:00am
  • - The day ends at 5:00pm
Driver's lunch is included. Guest Lunches are $16 each.

Sound limit is 103db.
Is the run group you are wanting sold out?  Email us at to be added to a wait list. Please include your name, phone number (cell is preferred), event date, and the run group(s) you are wanting.

Driving a Convertible? CLICK HERE to review the HOD policy on convertibles.

Selecting a garage? Check the box above the Garage Rental run group.
NOTE: We have reduced the cost for garages to accommodate social distancing following COVID-19 guidelines. Each garage will be for 1 car (no sharing of garages) for a cost of $50 per day. Please add comments to your order with preferred location or who you would like to be located next to.
NOTE:> This is a 4 run group event (3 HOD run groups and 1 private run group).

7.24.20 Sonoma Raceway Driving Event - 07-24-2020
B - Intermediate - $395.00 - SOLD OUT!
C - Advanced, Point-By Passing - $395.00 - SOLD OUT!
D - Advanced, Open Passing - $395.00 - SOLD OUT!
X - HOD Staff - $0.00 - SOLD OUT!

7.24.20 Sonoma Raceway Garage Rentals - 07-24-2020
2 Garages (2 Cars) - $100.00 - AVAILABLE
1 Garage (1 Car) - $50.00 - SOLD OUT!

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