High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on Feb.26, 2021



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Click HERE for the Sonoma Rules amid COVID-19


NOTE: Wearing masks is required at this event and will be enforced.

 We look forward to our events with you – and please know we will focus on safety in the COVID-19 era so the events will look a bit different, but the tracks won’t!!  Click HERE to see the HOD event guidelines in the Covid-19 era to assure the safety of all participants. Note that Sonoma rules may override the HOD guidelines.

NOTE: This event is a 4 run group event (3 HOD SCCA Testing run groups and 1 private run group). This event is only for SCCA Testing for drivers with competition licenses.Your competition license (SCCA or NASA) will be verified at driver check-in. Registration for the weekend event is NOT required to participate in this event.

HOD membership is NOT required for this event.


The event logistics message will be emailed to participants and posted to this webpage a week before the event. Any changes to the information below will be noted in the logistics message.

This is a 102.9db sound limited event.

HOD requires Head and Neck Restraints for any car with harnesses.

HOD will coordinate with the SCCA load in for the SF Regional Opener this weekend. Stay tuned for logistics updates regarding times for load in.

Gate opens at 6:30am and check in starts at 7:00am (staggered by run group)
Mandatory driver meetings start at 7:30am, first cars are on track at 8:00am, day ends at 5:00pm

Driver's lunch is included. Guest Lunches are $16 each.

Is the run group you are wanting sold out?  Email us at info@hookedondriving.com to be added to a wait list. Please include your name, phone number (cell is preferred), event date, and the run group(s) you are wanting.
CLICK HERE to review the HOD policy on Cancellations, Track Damage,
Convertibles and High Center of Gravity vehicles, Passengers, Minors, Head and Neck Restraints, LeMons and Champ Cars, and Alcohol.

Garage Rentals: SCCA weekend garage renters who are participating in this events will be offered their weekend garage to rent for Friday in advance of the event. Cost is $75.

Run Groups for this event...

Group A - SCCA Run Groups 7 (Miata Classes)
Group B - SCCA Run Groups 3+5 (mid-large fendered cars)
Group C - SCCA Run Groups 1+2+4 (Formula and Sports Racing cars)
Group D - SCCA Run Group 6 (SRF/SRF3)