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This event was run on Jan.06, 2014

If you are a regular HOD driver, this is for you. Here's the deal: Pay for the equivalent of 6 events at the Thunderhill rate ($299), and receive a credit code worth the equivalent of 7 events - ONE FREE EVENT at the Thunderhill rate, saving you $299. You may purchase more than one FDP - we only ask that you use them within an immediate family unit. The credit will not expire until it's used up. The cost is $1794, and the value given is $2093. This credit code can then be used at any track event in the NorCal region. It's that simple. Upon a confirmed, paid order, we will send you a credit code with the value of $2093. Thanks....and we'll obviously see you at the track!! NOTE: This offer is available from Jan. 6-13 at 5PM. Once the dates pass, we'll move forward with standard pricing for the year.

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