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at California Region Venues

This event was run on Jan.10, 2018

UPDATE: 1/8/18 - an announcement went out this morning stating this would be closed out today....obviously this was in error as it states below it will close 1/9 at 5:00PM - so this program will stay open until then.

If you are a regular HOD driver or have family members who drive, this is for you. Here's the deal: Pay $3600.00 now, and receive a credit code that will not expire, worth $4100.00 - in other words, $500 of free on-track credit!  You may purchase more than one FDP - we only ask that you use them within an immediate family unit. The credit will not expire until it's used up. This credit code can then be used at any HOD track event in California. It's that simple. Upon a confirmed, paid order, we will send you a credit code with the value of $4100. Thanks....and we'll obviously see you at the track!!

  • This offer is available from Dec. 4th to Dec. 11th at 5PM.  Also January 1st until Jan.9th, 2018.
  • You will receive an emailed receipt after you purchase the FDP.  Review the receipt you receive carefully - the gift/credit code in the receipt message IS THE MONEY -SAVE THAT CODE and USE IT UNTIL IT'S USED UP!
  • This Credit Code is non-refundable.
  • Team HOD membership is required to purchase this product.
  • Family defined as household to include offspring in the home up to age 25

Thanks for driving with Team HOD!!

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