High Performance Driving Experience at Florida/Southeast Region Venues

This event was run on Jan.03, 2022

If you are a regular HOD driver or have family members who drive, this is for you. Here's the deal: Pay $1850 now, and receive a credit code that will not expire, worth $2000 - in other words, $150 of free on-track credit!  You may purchase more than one Frequent Driver Program (FDP). This credit code can only be used at any Florida/Southeast HOD track event. It's that simple. Upon a confirmed, paid order, we will send you a credit code with the value of $2000. Thanks....and we'll obviously see you at the track!!

  • This offer is available December 8th through December 15th at 5PM.  It will also be available in 2022 from January 3 through January 10 at 5PM.
  • You will receive an emailed receipt after you purchase the FDP.  Review the receipt you receive carefully - the gift/credit code in the receipt message IS THE MONEY - SAVE THAT CODE and USE IT UNTIL IT'S USED UP!
  • Team HOD membership is required to purchase this product.

NOTE: If you are wanting to purchase more than one FDP, please purchase each one as a separate transaction.

Thanks for driving with Team HOD!!