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at Thunderhill Raceway

This event was run on Jun.01, 2018

This Course is for High Performance Driving Coaches Only

Welcome to our second  Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) Level II Certification course. Hooked on Driving (HOD) and Thunderhill Raceway have joined forces to provide this great program. 

HOD will be running this course at Thunderhill Raceway on the 2 mile track on Friday, June 1, 2018. HOD spent a lot of time and energy developing the course which will include both classroom instruction and on-track exercises. You will learn different methods of diagnosing problems, solving those problems, and how to help your drivers improve their skills and increase their confidence. While this program was developed in keeping with MSF Level II standards, there will be some unique elements that relate to HOD operations and culture. Experienced driving coaches from recognized groups are welcome to register with the requirement that they have completed the Level I MSF Certification Course.

There are a limited number of seats available. If you know other coaches that would like to participate in the program, please reach out to them.

Note: You must have completed the MSF Level I Certification Course prior to attending the Level II certification course and have some experience as a coach/instructor. To register for the Level I Certification Course, go to

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