High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on Jun.28, 2021

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HOD Experienced Drivers:  Join us for this great opportunity to drive Sonoma Raceway on a “semi-private” day.  HOD manages a private group of experienced drivers with very interesting cars who have taken 50% of the track time for these two days.  So they will be fun to watch, with aero cars like Ligiers, Lolas, and Pro Formula Mazdas…and create MUCH less traffic in the paddock as their numbers are small.  You will benefit from this with a quieter and less crowded paddock and plenty of garages to rent as well.  We balanced the two days, trying to be fair to as many of our experienced drivers as possible.  Thanks for running with HOD!!

NOTE: This is a 4 run group event (2 HOD run groups and 2 private run groups).

HOD operates carefully managed events at Sonoma for intermediate and advanced drivers only. If you have yet to be sure of your qualifications to drive with HOD at Sonoma, email us at info@hookedondriving.com and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We will provide orientation laps and safety orientation to experienced drivers who are new to Sonoma.

NOTE: There is no coaching or instruction of any kind at HOD events at Sonoma Raceway, by HOD staff or by anyone else.


The event logistics message will be emailed to participants and posted to this webpage a week before the event.
Any changes to the information below will be noted in the logistics message.

This is a 102.9db sound limited event.

Helmets and HANS devices are available in a variety of sizes.

Vehicles and trailers may be dropped in the paddock after 6pm the night before the event.

 Long pants are required for all drivers and anyone entering the hot pit lane, including crews, teams and staff.

Gate opens at 6:30am and check in starts at 7:00am (staggered by run group)
Mandatory driver meetings start at 7:30am, first cars are on track at 8:00am, day ends at 5:00pm

Driver's lunch is included. Guest Lunches are $16 each.

Is the run group you are wanting sold out?  Email us at info@hookedondriving.com to be added to a wait list. Please include your name, phone number (cell is preferred), event date, and the run group(s) you are wanting.
CLICK HERE to review the HOD policy on Cancellations, Track Damage, Convertibles and High Center of Gravity vehicles, Passengers, Minors, Head and Neck Restraints, LeMons and Champ Cars, and Alcohol.

Renting a garage?  Check the box above the Garage Rental run group.
NOTE: Each garage has space for 2 cars, nose to tail, for a cost of $100 per day. Please add comments to your order with preferred location or who you would like to be located next to.

NOTE: This is a 4 run group event (2 HOD run groups and 2 private run groups).

NOTE: Prior intermediate experience is required to drive in Group B for June 28.

TWO DAY DISCOUNT: Register for both days and receive an automatic $50 discount.