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High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on Apr.22, 2015

Thanks to Ferrari/Maserati of San Francisco for sponsoring this special day at Sonoma Raceway!   This will be a blast - Ferraris freqenting the paddock and track, along with our usual great customer cars from all over the world....We will run four run groups, but No First Timers group.  Drivers will need to be solo-signed off or have credible experience with another group - we do reserve the right to screen drivers for experience.

     Having said that - we're planning on having a great time in the futile attempt to get the best of this tough, challenging and exciting track.

     Sound limit is 103db, Garages will be available - we'll do an invitation and request an RSVP about 2 weeks out from the event.

     We look forward to seeing our "Sonoma Friends" as we know this is a favorite venue for many.  If you have driven other tracks and are clearly solo - sign up for the Low Intermediate and we can guide you on the nuances - then place you where you belong as the day progresses.

We'll see you at Sonoma!


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