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High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on Nov.25, 2016

This event sells out!!  Folks are feeling guilty for eating too much.  Brother-in-law and son or daughter are visiting.  Most crazy people are in traffic jams at malls.  Terrible football games in the SEC are on TV...and HOD is at Sonoma Raceway!!!!!!!!   Need we say more?  Last shot at Sonoma for that perfect lap in 2016....see you there!

NOTE:  We do not do the First Timers/Beginner school at Sonoma. You do not necessarily have to have been solo approved by HOD if you have equivalent experience.  If you have questions about your skill level to run with HOD at Sonoma, email us at:

Beginning in May of 2015, a family membership/username in Team HOD is required.  This is a once-a-year membership with worthwhile benefits.  The membership can be shared by a household to include offspring up to 25 who are still living at home.  If you are not a member, the HOD registration system will take you there to join before registering for the event.

Sonoma gate opens at 6:30am - sound limit for all Sonoma events is 103db

Garages will be available - a request for registration will go to those signed up approximately 2 weeks before the event.

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