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High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on May.14, 2013

ALL MAKES OF CARS ARE WELCOME AT THIS EVENT!! However, you might take some lessons in Italian, as there will be quite a few Paisanos and Ciaos spoken during the day! San Francisco Motorsports, a leading Ferrari Sales and Service business in San Rafael, has stepped up to sponsor the day, and yes, invite the Ferrari Owners Group (FOG) and other Ferraris to come a drive this great track with HOD. Other than the fact that there will be more Ferraris than normal, ALL MAKES ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US!!
Finding your rhythm at this track is one of the most satisfying driving experiences you will have. Struggle a bit in the morning and...master it in the afternoon - and the sounds of exotic V8's and V12's will be nice music to enjoy.
"ohhmmm" in the afternoon. HOD coaches, at whatever level you are, will help get you tuned in on this awesome and challenging circuit.
All 4 run groups welcome!

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