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High Performance Driving Experience at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

This event was run on Oct.17, 2014

No - you didn't miss this date earlier - HOD just added this event today, 8/14 so go for it!!  We scored a prime Friday, so this should be another super popular date for our drivers to cross the Corkscrew, speed up the Rahal Straight, attack the Andretti hairpin, and show off your skills!  Beginner through Advanced drivers - we are ready for you!  Catered lunch, coaching at any level, awesome weather this time of gotta do it.  This is the week immediately after the SCCA National Runoffs at MRLS...Many HOD and local drivers you know will be there will be some really cool stories to hear....

Note - this is a 90db sound limited day. Most stock cars are ok, but if you are not sure, check with your shop ...or call HOD partner Borelli Motorsports in San Jose for advice: 408-770-1220408-770-1220

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