Guys over 40 – get checked by the Doc AND the Lab!

High Performance Driving Experience at Lime Rock Park

This event was run on Jun.08, 2018

Have you ever been frustrated by super slow parade laps? Have you had a sincere interest to feel what it’s like to actually drive on a race track? Are you interested in spending only a few hours at the track rather than committing to an entire day? 

Taste of the Track is for you!
This will be a small run group of enthusiasts who would like to see the track from the driver’s point-of-view, driving what HOD calls “spirited parade laps,” with a lead and follow behind a coach and 3-4 other cars. The pace you drive will show you a “taste” of what it would be like in the actual HOD program.
Note: TOT will be the 1st on track for the day.  Please arrive by 8:15 am for TOT.  Your class will start at 8:30 with an on track session at 9:00am.  You must attend the classroom and saftey brief to be allowed on track.
• Lunch is available for purchase
• Convertibles and roadsters please Email us before registering 
• Passengers 18 and over are allowed
WARNING: May be habit forming!!!
QUESTIONS?  Email or call :  (732)654-6363