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High Performance Driving Experience at Lime Rock Park

This event was run on Jun.08, 2018

Online Registration has closed. 
Group A is sold out for Saturday.
There is limited availability in our solo groups for Saturday for walk ups.  Prefrence will be given to 2 day registrations. Please Email prior to arriving if you intend on registering at the track in the morning.


Important Times:
6:00pm - Drop off Thursday night (Gates open all night)
7:15am to 8:20am – Registration, helmet rentals after the 8:30 drivers meeting
8:10am - Coaches Meeting 
8:30am - Mandatory Drivers Meeting
9:00am - First cars on track (Taste of the Track)
Lime Rock Park: June 8-9, 2018
Time A B C D
9:00 AM Class @ 8:50 Taste of the Track (Class at 8:30am)
9:20 AM On Track      
9:55 AM   On Track    
10:25 AM     On Track  
10:55 AM Class   Download On Track
11:25 AM   On Track   Download
11:55 AM On Track      
12:25 PM   Class On Track  
12:55 PM Class Grid Lineup   On Track
1:25 PM   PassEx    
1:45 PM On Track Download    
2:15 PM Class   On Track  
2:45 PM       On Track
3:15 PM   On Track    
3:45 PM On Track Class    
4:10 PM     On Track  
4:40 PM       On Track
5:10 PM   On Track    
5:35 PM     On Track On Track

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