Guys over 40 – get checked by the Doc AND the Lab!

High Performance Driving Experience at Palm Beach International Raceway

This event was run on Jun.25, 2017

MIP SUPER SPEED DAY is a one-day event that takes place at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR). Last year the community raised funds and LIFTED SPIRITS for Brock and the Caruso family. This year, the community passes forward the dedication to Breast Cancer Awareness and the Bartuska Family.
By donating, track participants can receive one-on-one on-track sessions with Hooked on Driving instructors to improve their driving skill and learn racing technique in a closed course and safe environment. They will also be able to unleash the real potential of their own vehicle, which they cannot experience on regular roads with speed limits and safety restrictions.
Drivers will experience the love of Cars and the chance to help a family in their most challenging time. CAR ENTHUSIASTS will experience the love of Vehicles, and witness their unleashed performance.
All payments will go into a treasure chest and is given to the family at the end of the event. We will have diamond showcases, catered food, live DJ, and multiple vendors.
Spectators, Car Enthusiasts, Photographers, Family Friendly, Vendors, Sponsors, ALL ARE WELCOMED TO SPECTATE this amazing annual event. And Remember... this is a charity event! The prices listed are only the minimum required donation... you should feel free to donate more to help the Bartuska Family! If you would like to donate more... choose from the added donation options, or choose the offline payment option and we will contact you to arrange for whatever amount you'd like to donate.
Please Download and review the Tech Sheet PRIOR to coming to the track. You or a qualified Technician needs to evaluate your car to make sure it is READY for the track.
Please remember anyone going onto the track must be wearing an SA2010 or newer helmet... and bring it with you to check in so we can make sure it's okay to use. Most motorcycle helmets are DOT approved and NOT adequate for use on the race track. If you don't have an approved helmet, we have rentals available for only $25 for the day. This is NOT optional.