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High Performance Driving Experience at Thunderhill Raceway

This event was run on Feb.18, 2017

Welcome Minis who want to do the two days of fun - and practice up for "Mini Thunder," this day is for all the great car makes that make the world go 'round....You have a Mini?  You won't be in the minority!  You have a Morris, Mercury, Mazda, Mopar, Milano, Montego, Muscle Car, cayMan, M2,3,4,5,6, Mustang, caMaro, OK, OK...enough!  Folks - run what you brung!!  It should be a fun day for all and we welcome those coming from out of the area to drive with HOD and the Mini Thunder day on Sunday...All welcome - four run groups - see you there!

Note: We run rain or shine, short of full torrential downfall with workers in peril...and it is a HOOT to drive Thunderhill when it's wet!

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