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High Performance Driving Experience at Roebling Road

This event was run on Mar.05, 2016

This registration is for Saturday March 5 only for $249. We will be at Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, Ga. There will be three run groups: A-Beginner, B-Intermediate Solo and C-Advanced/Coaches There will be five, 25 minute sessions on track plus a 6th, 25 minute bonus run at days end for all drivers. 2 1/2 hrs of track time so little time sitting around waiting to get on track or on track in a train!! This event is limited to 75 cars. Lunch and days end refreshments are included. Remember you can sign up for both Saturday and Sunday for just $395.

*A-Beginner group has a $50 tuition for ground school instruction, your coach and materials.

**Helmets available to rent for $25

* Gates open at 7am and day ends at 5pm. Trailers may be dropped off on Friday from 5-7pm. Morning driver check in is from 7-8am.

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