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High Performance Driving Experience at Sebring International Raceway

This event was run on Aug.27, 2016

This event is managed by our Florida HOD Region owners. Registration is under the Florida Events listing found here:

SIR-Sat August 27th 2016 (1 DAY SATURDAY)(with Time Challenge)

Saturday ONLY - August 27, 2016                                    

                                   You are registering for a 1 DAY event (Saturday)

Gates open at 7am. Admission for spectators is free.

We will have 4 run groups with a total of 5 sessions each averaging 25min each session:
  • A-Beginners: Driving Coach provided, Classroom instruction
  • B-Intermediate: Solo drivers, point-by & passing zones
  • C-Advanced: Advanced Solo drivers, race prepped cars, point-by & passing zones encouraged but not enforced.
  • TC-Time Challenge: Must be qualified Advanced Solo Drivers or hold a current Race Lic. (ie. NASA/SCCA)
Lunch will be provided for FREE to all registered participants and additional lunch tix are available for purchase. FREE water bottles are available all day. 
For hotel group rate, call the Chateau Elan (863-655-6252) and mention code HDH27Z.
*Helmet rentals are available on site if needed.
**Beginner group is limited to only 15 drivers. Sign up quickly.
***Times and rules are subject to change.

Gates Open 7:00 AM

Registration/Check-in 7:15am-8:40am

All drivers Meeting 8:15am-8:45am

Coaches Meeting 8:00am-8:20am

A Group Classroom 9:00am

C&TC Groups On Track 9:00am

B Group On Track 9:25am

A Group On Track 9:50am

A Group Classroom 10:15am

C Group On Track 10:15am

TC Group On Track 10:40am

B Group On Track 11:00am

A Group On Track 11:25am

Lunch 11:50am

A Group Classroom 12:20pm

C Group On Track 12:20pm

TC Group On Track 12:45pm

B Group On Track 1:05pm

A Group On Track 1:30pm

A Group Classroom 1:55am

C Group On Track 1:55pm

TC Group On Track 12:20pm

B Group On Track 12:40pm

A Group On Track 3:05pm

C Group On Track 3:30pm

TC Group On Track 3:33pm

B Group On Track 4:14pm

A Group On Track 4:40pm

Track Closed 5:00pm

Registration Fee: $330.00 - $380.00

A-Beginners + $50 - $380.00 - AVAILABLE
B-Intermediate - AVAILABLE
C-Advanced - AVAILABLE
TC-Time Challenge - AVAILABLE

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