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High Performance Driving Experience at Sonoma Raceway

This event was run on May.16, 2016

This is a late addition to the NorCal HOD schedule and we welcome a MAY date at this iconic Road Course!!  If you can tame Sonoma Raceway, you can drive any road course in North America!

With one private run group committed, we will offer three public run groups:

  • B - Intermediate - this is for SOLID solo-signed off drivers - there will be 5 passing zones with passing by point-by on the left
  • C - Advanced/Point-by passing - a popular group for those who have progressed to being able to pass cooperartively in more adventuresome locations - point-by required per car
  • D - For the most advanced drivers who are accustomed to driving in an open-passing environment, but understand the HOD concept of "Cooperative passing."  We don't do car to car contact at HOD!!

Gate will open at 6:30AM, watch for an email that will probably offer garages for rent, mandatory driver's meeting at 7:45, C group will be on track first at 8:00AM sharp!!

Sound limit for the day is 103db (same as club racing groups)

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