High Performance Driving Experience at Summit Point Motorsports Park

This event was run on Sep.06, 2014

 Summit Main Anyone?

On September 6 (Saturday) and 7th (Sunday) we will be at Summit Main with IMG.

This registration is for Saturday only!

This is a terrific track and a reasonably priced event

The full weekend reg is just $375, return to the event registration page to choose the full weekend and save $100!

Please tell us in "Comments" if you:

Need a helmet

     Have a Permanent number


By registering and attending this event you are qualified for a $50.00 discount on any remaining HOD 2014 event (Watkins Glen included)


 When I asked Charlie at IMG if we can bring the HOD crowd to his event at Summit Point Main course, he graciously agreed.

Another amazing track (considered by many the best at Summit Point) and very reasonably priced.

Any questions?

email frede@hookedondriving.com or phone me at

315 935 5178