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High Performance Driving Experience at Buttonwillow

This event was run on Nov.18, 2016

Have you been frustrated by super slow parade laps, have a sincere interest in feeling what it’s like to be on track and actually drive, but not ready to commit an entire day?

“Taste of the Track” is for you!

Run in conjunction with a regluar HOD HPDE event, this is a mini-run group of folks who would like to see the track from the driver’s view, driving what  HOD calls “spirited parade laps,”  with a lead and follow behind a coach and 3-4 other cars, and no passing. The pace you drive will show you a “taste” of what it would be like in the actual HOD program.  Convertibles are allowed, helmets are required, but HOD SA certification is not required-any motorcycle or auto racing helmet is ok.  Rental helmets are available but may be in limited suppy. Passengers 18 and over are allowed.  Two fifteen minute sessions on track and one lunch is included for one. Passengers 18 and older are allowed.  WARNING:  Can be habit forming!!!

Note: you will be asked to arrive after the registration for the regular HOD event - plan on around 9am to be at the track.  We will have you drive later in the morning - have lunch with the HOD gang, and then drive one more session not long after lunch.  This allows you to stay and watch the remainder of the HOD event, or head home early to beat the traffic!

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