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High Performance Driving Experience at Thunderhill Raceway

This event was run on Sep.01, 2017

With late changes and additions to our 2017 HOD schedule, this event is a special format to benefit drivers who have been through the A-Beginner Group and progressed to higher skill levels. The benefit?

THREE RUN GROUPS means MORE TRACK TIME for the Same Price!

You will have an HOD Group Leader guiding you, keeping you safe, and offering driving tips. The day will go quicker, with shorter times between sessions and substantially more seat time. Please pass the word to your friends in the B, C, and D run groups. This is a rare opportunity!

Be sure to arrive with a full tank of gas. You will use it all, and probably then some!

Are you interested in Advanced Coaching? Our Advanced Coach will put a camera in your car for 1 session and will spend 20-30 minutes evaluating the video and helping you discover how to get to the next level. There is a $50 fee, payable at the event. After you have registered for the event, come back here and Click Here to sign up for Advanced Coaching


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