Guys over 40 – get checked by the Doc AND the Lab!

High Performance Driving Experience at Thunderhill Raceway

This event was run on Sep.16, 2017

This is the SATURDAY ONLY registration for the Thunderhill 3 Mile. This will be a great event. Plan on staying after to attend the Saturday evening BBQ ($10 for drivers and guests) and the track "walk" after. You will learn a ton about the track as we drive to several corners and get out to walk and examine them.

B, C, and D Drivers: Are you interested in Advanced Coaching? Our Advanced Coach will put a camera in your car for 1 session and will spend 20-30 minutes evaluating the video and helping you discover how to get to the next level. There is a $50 fee, payable at the event. After you have registered for the event, come back here and Click Here to sign up for Advanced Coaching


Note that a family membership/username in Team HOD is required. This is a once-a-year membership with worthwhile benefits. The membership can be shared by a household, including offspring up to 25 years of age who are still living at home. If you have yet to become a member of Team HOD, the HOD registration process will have you join when you are registering for an event.

Group A drivers pay a $50 tuition per day to cover the cost of in-car coaching, car control exercises, and classroom instruction.

6" numbers are required on both sides of the car. Numbers are available from HOD at helmet rental for $5. Helmet rentals are available in a variety of sizes for $25.

The Thunderhill gate opens at 6:30am and check in starts at 6:45am in the clubhouse. The mandatory driver meetings start at 7:45am and the first cars are on track at 8:30am. The day ends at 5:00pm.

The sound limit for all Thunderhill events is 103db.