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Hooked On Driving - HOD Leadership


David Ray – Hooked On Driving Founder, Owner – NorCal Region

In a previous life, David was a partner in a Northern California staffing firm called Advantage Personnel, servicing companies like Wells Fargo, Pacific Bell, Airtouch Communications and Chevron. After selling the business in 1998, he served in a management development and executive coaching role during which, his clients discovered his passion for automobiles and driving, and pressed him to organize track days – and one thing led to another….His motorsports experience includes competing in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Regional racing program from 1985 to present. In 1994, David scored his first San Francisco Regional championship in an ITS Datsun 240Z, and in 2006 he won his second, while setting the T2 class track record at Laguna Seca three separate times in the Dirito Brothers Nissan sponsored Nissan 350Z. He has also held qualifying and race lap records at Thunderhill, and Infineon Raceway in the 350Z. But more importantly to his current role, he began as an instructor for the SCCA competition licensing school in 1989 and fell in love with sharing the hobby. As a result, he began volunteering as a coach for track days in the early ‘90’s, and decided to make it his full time enterprise in 2004. One of his proudest achievements is his role as Chair of the new track committee of the San Francisco Region of the SCCA in support of President Tom McCarthy, and now CEO David Vodden, in the development, fund raising and construction of Thunderhill Raceway. Ray currently serves on the Thunderhill Board of Directors. In the final analysis, Ray’s goal is to share his passion for driving, whether it is in a High Performance Driving environment such as Hooked On Driving, or assisting HOD drivers to move to faster and more competitive venues.

Paul Richardson - HOD Pacific Northwest Regional Owner

As early as records are saved, I have always loved cars.

Over the course of 50 or so years I got increasingly distracted by earning a living and pursuing a career in technology. I remained an automotive enthusiast but I really returned home to the car world when I bought an Audi in 2008 and was strongly encouraged to bring it out to the track with Audi Club Northwest. And then I suffered that cliché story we all know, I started spending more and more time at the track. I soon became a stunned instructor and my work with the club has grown more and more over time. I was eventually lucky enough to be tasked to be part of the organization that executes track day operations administering fun and have spent much of the past four or so years in an attempt to evolve and perfect the experience for participants. 

While becoming a Hooked On Driving franchise owner seems to be the synthesis of all my experience to date, it is all so simultaneously exciting and scary. I'm looking forward to some really fun and inventive things and a new level of outreach here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Mike Arrigo, Chris Liou, John Caffanese - HOD Northeast Regional Partners

Gordon Sanderson - Director Of Business Development

Gordon spent the majority of his career in senior management positions in the foodservice business. His need for speed started with drag racing and participating in SCCA hill climbs events. In 2001 he got his first taste of the thrill of driving on a race track when he attended the Audi Club Golden Gate event at Sonoma Raceway. Hooked after the first lap, he attended other Audi Events and progressed through instructor programs to become a certified instructor for the Audi Club North America and Porsche Club of America. Gordon’s first HOD event was at Buttonwillow and he quickly became even more hooked. HOD provided a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm in conducting on track events. During the 6+ years Gordon has been associated with HOD he has found that working as a group leader with the Intermediate Group to be the most rewarding. The “Speedy B’s have already experienced the excitement of driving on the track and are ready to move to the next level to hone their driving skills.  Recently Gordon’s role with HOD has been expanded to include the position as Director of Business Development-working with organizations, sponsors, and customers to develop closer relationships and expand the HOD brand. If you have an idea or interest in sponsoring or partnering with Hooked On Driving, Gordon can be reached at gordons@hookedondriving.com.

Daryl “DW” Witbeck* – Group Leader

If you need a building built, Daryl's the guy to talk to. His "real job" currently involves building libraries, schools, and major commercial projects. We think that the skills Daryl uses daily in communicating complicated information to a varied audience translates well to his work with Hooked On Driving. DW has been an SCCA competitor for 8 years, initially in a Spec Racer Ford and now dukes it out in the very competitive Spec Miata class. DW also combines his engineering background with his passion for the logistics and physical challenges as a regular driver in endurance road races.
In addition, he has been an instructor at Thunderhill for six years, and has received rave reviews from his students. Primarily serving as our beginner, Group A instructor, Daryl uses a no-nonsense way of explaining the key elements of performance driving. DW was a strong influence on our coaching curriculum to assure that everyone, no matter their background, understands the fundamental terminology and concepts that we use in HOD programs. This ensures that all drivers, beginner and advanced, are “speaking the same language” as the coaching staff.

Terry Geiser* - Lead Track/Safety Steward and Driver Observer

These key roles have been developed for HOD by Terry. He honed his communication skills as a White House staffer – so you know he can explain things! As a multiple marque aficionado, Terry has logged many days and hours as a student and now instructor for the Audi Club and HOD. He is the Chief Instructor for the Audi Club Golden Gate chapter, and was a founder of the Bay Area Cobra Club, – talk about automotive diversity!! Whether in role as a Coach, Group Leader, Track Steward, or Driver Observer you can count on Terry bringing his enthusiasm and positive spirit to the track. His priorities at the track have always been on the balance of safety, fun, and learning. Terry is at his best with studded tires, in “Quattro”, on frozen lakes, 100 miles north of the arctic circle in Finland where a turn in is called the "flick."