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You can't get the BEST track day protection without using the BEST track tape!!!

Are you tired of the Blue Tape Blues? Stop protecting your paint with a non-automotive product purchased at your local hardware store!

TrakkTape™ is undoubtedly the best temporary paint protection available. It is designed for protecting finished surfaces and as such, is easy to apply, and removes with minimal to no residue.

All TrakkTape™ is 5 mil (5/1000 of an inch) in thickness. (For comparison most permanent clear bras are 8 mil (8/1000 of an inch)

Sold in larger sizes that can last an entire season, TrakkTape™ is only slightly more costly than painter's tape and far more economical than any other comparable clear vinyl based protection.

Properly applied, TrakkTape™ is virtually invisible in track day photography. At the end of the day or weekend, just peel off the tape and away go the debris marks.

TrakkTape™. Your Best Track Day Protection. Period.

TrakkTape™ is made in the USA.

TrakkTape™ is recommended only for factory-applied paint as aftermarket paint can vary greatly and may not be compatible. Always test a small area first, including UV finishes on factory headlights.


TrakkTape is available in 3 roll sizes.

3 inches (width) x 100 feet (length) $35.00
6 inches (width) x 100 feet (length) $65.00
6 inches (width) x 600 feet (length) $145.00

All Trakk Tape is 5 mil (5/1000 of an inch) in thickness. The prices above do not include taxes or shipping.

Each roll of TrakkTape ships with an application tool and instructions.


$35 3" x !00' roll
Residence State


$65 6" x 100' roll
Residence State


Combo deal on two rolls above.
Residence State


$145 6" x 600' roll
Residence State