Having seen hundreds of men and women take this first step, we can safely speculate that this will be one of the best moves of your hobby life. Most participants with Hooked on Driving come away from their first day with us invigorated, somewhat humbled, challenged to improve, and downright giddy. This is fun stuff. That having been said, [more]
Check out the Racetrack Venues we hold our HPDE's on. You can inspect the track, see photos and video explaining the driving line, and then check out the upcoming events that are scheduled to take place there. Also make sure and use the TRIP PLANNER to get advice on food and make reservations to stay near the track.
TEAM HOD provides special programs (such as enthusiast and spectator motorsports events), discounts (including Wine Country Motorsports, Bell Helmets, and Porterfield Enterprises brake products), conveniences to our customers which streamline the event check-in process (such as an on-line e Signed Annual Waiver and Release of Liability for each driver, and an on-line e Signed Annual Car Inspection Agreement for each driver), and many more benefits. Click Here to Join TODAY!