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Hooked On Driving (HOD) is a community of people who love their cars, love to drive, and enjoy driving them in the controlled environment of a road course - they love track days.  Founded in 2004 as a high-performance driving experience (HPDE), with seven regions across the U.S., we enjoy driving our cars closer to their potential than is prudent on public highways.  At Hooked On Driving, fondly known as HOD, we encourage drivers young and old to learn more about the capabilities of their car and develop a higher level of skill than comes from traditional highway driving. As a result, our drivers are MUCH safer on the scary public highways!  HOD drivers share a common passion, amazing experiences, BIG FUN, great friends, and a hobby/sport for a lifetime.  And with run groups that include a full beginner driver development program, a well-established Intermediate group, and a very fast and competent. Advanced group, the HOD ladder provides a path for everyone to achieve their individual goals. HOD is non-competitive, with drivers driving fast and well, in an environment focused on safety first, without car-to-car incidents. The result is the leading safety record in the HPDE industry and customers who are having BIG FUN, rather than stressing on the ultimate lap time or pushing too hard to pass that bully in the blue beast. HOD is also very proud of having inspired hundreds of drivers to move to racing programs, while remaining loyal to HOD, by practicing their skills with us – and referring friends and family to join the community. Many graduates are also now serving as Driving Coaches with HOD.

What our customers are saying

We are proud of our HOD Programs and believe we offer a premium HPDE and Track Days experience.  But we'll let our customers tell you about their track day with us in their own words.  If you would like to dig deeper into the world of Hooked on Driving head on over to our PADDOCK CLUB HOUSE where we post videos, car reviews and talk shop about performance driving tips and tricks to get smoother and faster on the track - while staying safe and having fun with your friends!

If you can't wait to get onto the track head to our Event Listings or if you new and new more info check out the FIRST TIMERS section.

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Currently Hooked on Driving has 7 active regions running around the country, Pacific Northwest, Texas, Northern California, Southern California, Northeast, AZ/Southwest, and Florida/Southeast.  These different regions are operated by a collection of passionate and dedicated high-performance driving enthusiasts and coaches who have helped spread Hooked on Driving culture and philosophy of safe and fast first across the country.  Check out your region for the quickest access to events scheduled near you!  You can also explore all HOD events across the country 

No experience? Great!
Hooked on Driving will take you safely from Zero to Hero

More and more people are starting to understand that learning to drive a car in a high performance setting results in a safer off track driving experience. YES, that is right, learning to drive FAST in a controlled track school environment means learning to drive better and better is SAFER.

Understanding your car's abilities and limitations as well learning to break, turn nd accelerate with intention and technique results in more confidence behind the wheel.

Most every HOD driver comments on how learning to drive on track with HOD has improved their ability to control their car, even in off track situations with more confidence and safety.

If you are interested learning more about your first experience on track or first time driving with HOD head on to the FIRST TIMERS section.


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